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What Is Going on with Mortgage Rates?

The perks of buying over renting.

what it means for a seller when more listings

Why it's a good time to sell your home

why your house isn't selling

staging secrets to get your house sold

Buyer demand hasn't disappeard

less competition and more negotiation power

is a crash coming

the supplies of newly built homes is rising

less competition in bidding wars

home prices today

why you need a trusted professional

start your home search today

tips for buying a home

your equity can help you retire

homeownership rate is growing

home price projections

rest of the year home prices

is the shifting market a challenge or an opportunity for homebuyers

Asking prices matter

why the forbearance program changed the housing market

prices of homes are not falling

buying with inflation high

forecasts for rest of the year

mortgage rates drop

drop in mortgage rates

reasons you need a pro

the number of homes for sale is good for you

you need an agent to help price your house

homeownership impacts you

price appreciation is accelerating

Rising mortgage rates can push buyers off the fence.

Stick with finding your home!

things you need to know to sell. your house in selling market

Here are several helpful tips for you, as the seller, to consider before listing your home or land for sale.

should you offer more than listing?

homeownership offers stability and security

thinking of moving>

Why buying smaller makes sense.

Where mortgage rates are going from here.

thinking about building a home

Things that impact affordability

Build credit when you're a potential buyer

What experts are saying about 2022 housing market

latest kitchen decor trends

Get top dollar for your home.

Why buyers are abandoning their home search.

Want to become minimalist??

See if your fixer upper is a money pit.

Things you should leave with your house when you sell it.

Hunters pass through five distinct stages over their hunting lives

Tips to sell your home. Ready to sell?

You do all the work; plant food plots, hang stands, set up cameras and scout, only to go hunting and not see any deer. Sound familiar?

Are kitchen renovations worth it? Will it bring value to your home?

Reasons real estate deals fall through.

Lifestyle properties include recreational features that align with personal interest & hobbies.

If you are new to the area or new to hunting there are resources to help you find hunting land.

Your local Realtree United Country Land Pro is THE source to help you sell or buy your specialty property.

Selling land can be difficult compared with selling a home. Allow a Realtree Land Pro to help navigate you through the process.

Highlighting a beautiful propery in Forrest County with Leaf River frontage.